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The first thing Wesley could think was that this was nothing like those minor burns he'd sustained in Panem. It hurt much, much more. )

[[Warning for graphic descriptions of torture under the cut. This is taken and adapted from Angel 1x18, "Five by Five," and this wraps up that episode (and the spam for the evening). NFB, NFI, OOC is as good as punching Faith in the nose okay maybe not quite as good, and this is post five of seven. Follows this, this, this and this.]]
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Wesley had the police reports open as he and Cordelia made their way through the halls of her building toward her apartment. No, he wasn't particularly enthusiastic about leaving, nor was he about taking Cordelia back to school with him, but it was clear that Angel was not budging on this matter and Wesley couldn't blame the man for not wanting him around in a situation when he was so obviously useless. He had a bird to take care of, he told himself firmly, and that was that.

Not to mention, of course, that the prospect of going up against whatever Faith was planning was utterly terrifying.

"There was another assault just two blocks away," he reported, squinting down at the page while Cordelia peered over his shoulder. "A fight in a bar, several arrests made, and a woman fitting Faith's description was involved -- however, not arrested."

Well, it seemed the Los Angeles police force was about as effective as the one in Sunnydale, then. )

[[Warning for mild violence under the cut. Once again, taken and adapted from Angel 1x18, "Five by Five." NFB, NFI, OOC is so welcome! Post four of seven; follows this, this, and this.]]
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Wesley was still shaken by the time they returned to Angel's offices, and he was barely managing to keep from jittering as Angel wrapped up his phone call with Rupert Giles.

Faith was dangerous. She hated all of them -- perhaps Wesley most of all, though it felt arrogant to even suspect so. And he couldn't stop remembering the badly-written and difficult to track down conversation he'd had with her future counterpart over a year ago in which she'd seemed to imply that she would do something still worse than her offenses in Sunnydale later down the road. Sharing that with Cordelia and Angel seemed like more trouble than it was worth, but he, personally, was alarmed by it.

Then Angel hung up the phone, interrupting Wesley's stream of thoughts. )

[[Once again, taken and adapted from Angel 1x18, "Five by Five." NFB, NFI, OOC is so welcome, post three of seven. Follows this and this.]]
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As usual, what Wesley had intended to be a brief visit to Los Angeles had ended up stretching longer than expected. Portalocity hadn't been able to book him a portal so late at night without connections during war periods that he'd really prefer not to pass through, so he'd slept on the couch in the office (which was terribly uncomfortable and not something he ever wished to do again). And in the morning, Cordelia received a phone call from a potential client, and Wesley -- well, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to be helpful, even if he did worry about whether he'd left Katniss enough birdseed.

He, Cordelia and Angel stepped out of the elevator of the office building where their client worked, and Wesley had to ask:

''I don't suppose you know just what it is we've been hired to do?'' )

[[Once again, taken and adapted from Angel 1x18, "Five by Five." NFB, NFI, OOC is so welcome! Post two of seven; follows this.]]
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He'd gotten the call just as he was unpacking his things on Sunday. Cordy'd had a vision -- a Mr. Ernesto Marquez, being chased by Werd'Nha demons. Wesley knew the breed – pyromaniacs, the lot of them. Burned human limbs for sport, and, according to a source of Angel's who was apparently quite reliable, a clan of them were on the employ of Wolfram and Hart. Angel said, in the tone of someone wearily going along with someone else's insistence, that if Wesley could catch a portal before sundown, he could help out. So after hurriedly setting out the food he'd been giving Katniss for the past few days, cracking open the window for her and promising to be back by morning, Wesley had set off for Los Angeles.

That was what brought him to the lot under the bridge, behind the wheel of Angel's convertible while Angel leaned over the side with a sword. While Cordelia had snarked at him upon his arrival at their office that this constituted chauffeur duty, Wesley thought of it as a bit more important than that. It wasn't as though Cordy could do it, and Angel needed someone to drive -- attempting to behead a Werd'Nha demon wasn't terribly difficult on its own, just a simple, well-placed swipe, but it got considerably more challenging when the beheader in question was operating a car at the same time. No, Wesley was essential for this, which was why he had a look of steadfast determination as he swerved the car just close enough for Angel to get a decent shot.

It was best not to ask when he'd gotten his driver's license.

Once the two demons had been taken out, Angel addressed the victim.

"Your name Marquez?" At the man's nod, Angel told him, "Good. I hate saving the wrong guy."

Well! That had gone as planned. And fairly quickly, too. If he hurried, Wesley supposed he could catch a portal right after their now-traditional late-night "breakfast, " check on Katniss and then get to sleep.

What he hadn't planned on, however, was the ooze that splattered him when a third demon approached Angel from behind and Angel took it out with an easy swipe. Eurgh. Perhaps he'd stick around just long enough for a nice shower, then.

[[Taken and adapted from Angel 1x18, "Five by Five." NFB, NFI, OOC is welcome, and this is post one of seven so sit tight.]]


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