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Wesley was still finishing up his schoolwork and starting to wonder if he oughtn't get started booking a portal back to Fandom when there was a noise at the front door, and he looked up.

In which ''beige Angel'' is an ass. )

[[aaaaand done. about half of this is from angel 2x10, "reunion." nfb/nfi.]]
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Hours after Angel had gone off after Darla armed with a stake and a vengeance, Wesley looked up from his book -- homework, actually, if you wanted to get bogged down in specifics -- and asked what he supposed everyone was thinking.

Or started to, anyway. )

[[nfb/nfi and ALMOST DONE.]]
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It turned out that finding Darla hadn't really been the problem. Angel had found her without much trouble at all, actually. Brought her to the Hyperion, even. Only to discover that Darla -- four hundred-year-old Darla, human, formerly a syphilitic prostitute from the Virginia colony, yes Wesley did his research -- was now dying of the same disease that had plagued her the first time she was human. And had several months to live.

Angel, predictably, was a little upset and had proceeded to shut himself up in the basement over it. )

[[from angel 2x09 "the trial", and nfb/nfi. god i have fucked with this arc's timeline so, so much.]]
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Well. It was Darla; now they knew that much for certain. From the sparse report Angel had relayed to Wesley and Cordelia upon his return, it seemed that Darla had killed the man she'd hired to pose as her husband, then fled. Angel had followed her, and... hadn't killed her. That was all he'd said before shutting himself up in his room for the evening.

Today, though, he'd emerged, broody but with a plan, and Wesley and Cordelia as well as Angel's new -- and disturbingly familiar -- associate Charles Gunn dutifully congregated to listen to it.

''We have to find her.'' )
[[largely from angel 2x07 "darla," and nfb/nfi. THERE, STEVE, YOU HAPPY?]]
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Wesley was fond of Angel. Really, he was. And he quite liked working for Angel Investigations, and it certainly gave him a sense of purpose, but all the same... he had no interest at all in looking for this woman's address. No, while Cordelia might be poring over the telephone book, Wesley was focusing a bit more on something he considered rather more important: looking up Darla herself.

"Having any luck?" Cordelia called over her phone book from the front desk.

Wesley froze. "I'm sorry?"

''Luck'' was such a vague word... )

Not long afterward, the phone rang... )
[[stuff under the top cut is all mine, in a very 'dear god wesley is not holding the idiot ball for this long' sort of way, and most of what's under the second cut is from angel 2x05 "dear boy." nfi/nfb.]]
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Well. Much as Wesley might have liked to return to Fandom and spend the rest of his vacation curled up with his girlfriend where he ought to be right now, it turned out that that was not to be. Instead, he, Angel and Cordelia set off for the Franklin Hotel, the site of Mrs. Jeakins' supposed abductions, to conduct, well, a stakeout. Complete with bugs planted on the bar, an earwig in Angel's ear, and a tiny camera in Wesley's hand. It was difficult not to feel a bit foolish.

Though Wesley supposed it could be worse. At least he wasn't in a skimpy waitress getup like Cordelia was.

Fortunately, that sort of costume on him probably wouldn't be terribly helpful to the case. So it was for the best.

Stakeouts can be fun! But not this one. )

Seriously, that wasn't fun at all. )
[[still from angel 2x05 "dear boy," and nfb/nfi.]]
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After a chaotic autumn and beginning of spring semester, Wesley was glad to remain at Fandom for the break, relishing the relative quiet. After handwavily spending his nineteenth birthday -- and, all right, subsequent day and a half as well -- in his bedroom with Katniss, though, today a call from Cordelia was enough to get him not only out of bed, but out to Los Angeles as well.

"So these are the new offices," he remarked, taking in the hotel Cordelia had directed him to. "Interesting."

"Yeah, yeah, it's all very fascinating," Cordelia agreed. "Look, help me talk to this guy."

And over to the couch they went! )

[[stuff under ye olde lj cut stolen from angel 2x05 "dear boy," woot. nfi and nfb, la.]]


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