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Well, it hadn't taken very much planning, and in hindsight Wesley thought he could've come up with something a bit nicer, but as far as first anniversaries go, he didn't think dinner at a fancy restaurant was too shabby.

"You look lovely," he offered to Katniss for possiby the fifth or sixth time as the waiter ushered them to their table. "Oh," he added, handing over a bouquet of green roses, "and these are for you."

Sure, he'd done it before, but she hadn't objected last time, so.

[[for that one girl, and nfb for distance. good god, how has it been a year?]]

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Wesley had a lot of work to do, and he didn't have time to see why people outside were making so much noise. He had to read Gunderson's entire text by morning, plus write his father a letter and prepare for his exam on Tuesday.

He sat at his desk, steadily working his way through a passage about vampires' strategic torture methods. It certainly wasn't particularly light reading, but -- as he adjusted his Watchers' Academy uniform-issue tie and squinted down at the big words -- he had to get through it if he wanted to be a Watcher someday and impress Father. Maybe if he did that, once he grew up and came home on vacations, he wouldn't be a disappointment anymore and Father wouldn't have him sleep under the stairs.

[[Door cracked, post open.]]
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So Wesley had books. Lots of books. And they were... interesting.

By interesting, he meant that they made him blush pretty much constantly. They were that kind of books.

"She'd like that?" he wondered at one point, copying over a particularly surprising passage into his notebook. "How would I even -- " He turned the page, revealing a diagram. "Oh. Oh."

Yeah. Totally blushing.

[[Open door and post, expecting one. I'm a jerk.]]
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Wesley couldn't quite clamp down on the small pained noises that rose instinctively in his throat as he made his way agonizingly slowly up the last set of stairs to the fifth floor. It just figured, didn't it, that his room would be on the top floor when he was in this condition. Well. At least it wasn't too far from the stairwell to his room.

He limped the few steps to his door and unlocked it. He knew that he would have to do inventory of the injuries later, but right now he was focused rather single-mindedly on making sure Katniss had enough food and then collapsing in bed. He rather hoped he'd find her sleeping -- he didn't much fancy the idea of her seeing him like this. It would just be another piece of evidence that he wasn't equipped to take care of someone.

[[For the mockingjay. Up early for probable eventual SP.]]
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Finally, finally, Wesley managed to excuse himself from the irritating child for a bit. He felt bad picking favorites, but seriously, come on. So after offering Eloise some money to entertain herself (which she declined, flashing a credit card in his face), he excused himself to join Katniss and the other wee one on a long-overdue date. On Valentine's Day. With their six-year-old.

Weird day.

[[for the girlfriend and the bastard child! no, the other one.]]
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Wesley was on the phone with his father when he received an offer. 

"Field experience? What do you mean by that? Outside of school, you mean?"

A pause.

"And then the Council might consider having me back?" 

As if anything else could motivate him.

He switched the phone to his other ear, scrambling for time. It was an offer he'd have jumped at months ago, when getting back to the Council was all he could think about, but now he had to give it pause.

Still, though...

"I'll do it," he said firmly after a pause. "Where would you like me to start? ...Los Angeles?" He wrinkled his nose, but reluctantly said, "Fine."

With that, he started putting his stuff together. Most of his things were back at Fandom, but he could always have them shipped to wherever he'd be staying, he supposed. In the meantime, he packed his bags full of his things, then sat down on the bed, head in his hands, and thought about the people he'd have to say goodbye to.

[door's open and wes'd be happy to say some awkward goodbyes to people if you wanna send them over, but this is it for him this term, unfortunately. it's been so much fun being in fandom these past few months and the time i've spent here has really meant a lot to me. hopefully wes'll be able to come back the next app period. in the meantime, thank all of you guys who've helped make this experience so amazing.]
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Wesley had gotten dressed before he'd really considered what he was going to do for the day. Surprise surprise, he chose homework. He sat on his bed, a textbook on his lap so he could start a reading assignment, when he noticed that next to him on the bed was... an onion?

He leaned over to inspect it, because what was an onion doing on the couch, when all of a sudden it barked, "Your daddy doesn't love you!"

Wes blinked. Talking onion? "Wh - what?"

"Your daddy doesn't love you," the onion repeated matter-of-factly. "Because you're a disappointment. And a disgrace to the Watchers' Council."

Wesley ducked his head. "I know," he said quietly. He peered at the onion carefully, tilting his head to get a better look. What the hell?

"It's just that the Council trusted you," the onion continued after a pause. "Because they thought you could do the job. Lord knows Rupert Giles couldn't handle it. And then you went and botched it up, like you botch everything else up. You couldn't even handle two teenage girls. It shouldn't have been a surprise, really - "

Wesley stared. "I know all this," he said calmly. "Now unless you have something to tell me that I don't already know, I suggest that you stop talking and sit quietly like an onion should."

The onion was silent for a moment. Then: "Your Latin is dreadful."

Wes sank his head into his hands. Today was going to suck.



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