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You wouldn't steal a handbag. You wouldn't steal a car. You wouldn't shoot a policeman, then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet, then send it to his grieving widow and then steal it again! Then why would you steal a baby? )

[[WHEEEE. nfb, actually open for phone messages and texts because it's his damn birthday but he's not going to be answering just yet on account of what just happened. adapted from angel 3x16 "sleep tight" and heavily anticipated by yours truly for an unhealthily long time. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, amirite?]]
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The trouble with the rest of the day following Wesley's dream the night before was that they had a case to work on, and it was predictably difficult to find a reason to leave the hotel when he was expected to be working research for... whoever it was that had hired them. Wesley honestly couldn't remember the woman's name. Her trouble was that her son had been turned into a vampire, though. He was fairly certain of that.

Over the course of the day, he delegated what he could to Gunn to avoid botching up the job with his own exhaustion and buy himself some more time to research. Fred naturally decided she wanted to go along with her boyfriend, which didn't surprise Wesley after the way the last few days had gone, but he didn't love it either. Staking vampires was not a two-person job these days.

With Cordelia away on some sort of yoga retreat with her high school friends and Lorne still bitter that he'd been left on babysitting duty the night everyone had gone to the ballet, that left Wesley and Angel in the hotel. After a great deal of deliberation, Wesley decided not to tell Angel about his translation right away. He'd mistranslated before and caused panic, almost to the point of it becoming an awful joke around the office. Better to find out information from a reliable source first to be certain of what was going on. Toward evening, after a few phone calls to an area wizard who was said to have reputable intel on the local prophetic deities, he managed to make an excuse -- something about a headache -- and set off to find a statue that was said to be able to give him the answers he needed.

Well. It was certainly large and inanimate, but 'statue' was pushing it. )

[[nfb, nfi, ooc good, and i swear to god this really happened. angel 3x15 again, "loyalty," and there's one more for the night and that's it.]]
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It had been a long few days for Wesley since Warren and Karla's visit.

First there had been certain difficulties with Fred and Gunn since the start of their relationship. Wesley had been raised as a Watcher and had been taught all his life to respect women; he knew better than to suppose that Fred had ever owed him any attention or affection, and he knew that it would be unfair to hold her choice of partner against her, particularly when he had never made his feelings known to her. But it hurt all the same when she inserted herself into dangerous cases that Wesley had rather hoped Gunn could manage alone, then consequently (as he'd predicted they might) botched the job due to the understandable distractions of working with one's significant other. The implication that she valued Gunn more than their work, and would go against instructions in order to be with him regardless of the increased danger -- Wesley didn't like that at all.

But that was a minor grievance compared to what he unearthed very late Monday night, an unsettling, disturbing revelation tucked away in a line of the Nyazian scrolls that had already foretold so much about baby Connor and his birth: The father will kill the son.

Three hours after first beginning the frantic search for a possible word somewhere that he might have mistranslated, Wesley fell asleep at his desk. )

[[nfb, nfi, ooc is delightful as always, eeeeeeee, the usual. taken from angel 3x15 "loyalty." FINALLY BEING UP TO THIS ARC MAKES ME SO HAPPY.]]


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