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Wesley had never been to the ballet before, but by the time he, Angel, Cordelia, Fred, Gunn, Warren and Karla made their way from their seats to the bar at intermission, he had to admit that the performance itself seemed quite nice. At least, in theory. Technically, their seats... well. Suffice it to say that they weren't the best. To say that their view was simply obstructed would be overly generous.

On top of that, the tension that had been present ever since retrieving Warren and Karla from their hotel room was becoming increasingly irritating, and still more upsettingly, despite Cordelia's encouragement that "the iron is hot," Wesley still wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to try to put his arm around Fred's shoulder during Act Two.

So really, it was going the kind of 'nice' that... wasn't. )

[[follows this and this. premise & some NPC dialogue lifted from angel 3x13, "waiting in the wings," a.k.a. one of my least favorite episodes of the season but WE ARE FIXING THAT. preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] not_a_parakeet and [livejournal.com profile] glacial_witch. the spam will be ongoing, and nfb/nfi/ooc-good.]]
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It seemed to be the case fairly often lately, and today was no exception, that Wesley found himself with the unenviable task of changing the baby while the others socialized in a different room. It wasn't that he resented this position -- after all, he supposed he had to admit that of the entire Angel Investigations team, he was the one most equipped to change Connor efficiently and with a minimum of singing (Lorne), whining (Cordelia) or attempting to complicate the matter by using pins (Angel). Still, he didn't exactly love it when he found himself stuck in one room, overhearing the others elsewhere in the hotel but unable to fully join into the conversation.

"Morning, friends and neighbors!" Gunn greeted Angel, Cordelia and -- theoretically -- Wesley as he stepped into the lobby with Fred at his side. "Ooh, are those the tickets? You got 'em?"

There were tickets, all right... )

[[taken and adapted from angel 3x13, "waiting in the wings." 'stablishy, but open for phone calls!]]

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The plan for dealing with the enemies while also not giving away any information unduly to Wolfram and Hart was executed flawlessly, with Cordelia claiming perhaps more credit for it than she truly deserved, and finally evening came and they were in-character and ready to carry it out.

The Act )
The Aftermath )

[[once again from angel 3x10 "dad," nfb, aaaand that's it for plot (probably) until "waiting in the wings" in february, hooray!]]
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Now, a week might have gone by in Fandom time since Angel's son's birth, but for Wesley and the rest of the Angel Investigations team, it had only been two days.

Over the course of those two days, Lorne had moved in (something about his club being firebombed as a result of the eighteenth-century vampire hunter who wanted to kill them all), quite a few groups had continued to seek after the baby in order to kill him or eat him or whatever it was that such groups did, and Angel had proved persistently unwilling to let anyone else so much as hold him.

Lorne called it a Mama Bear vibe. The rest of them called it irritating. )

That night, Angel was still anxious and refusing to let anyone else watch or touch the baby. Fred pulled an all-nighter in the office with Gunn for company as he came in with batches of weapons every few hours before leaving again, while Wesley and Cordelia did their work upstairs, each of them uncomfortable with the noise of the baby crying but aware that Angel didn't want any help.

Then in the morning, Lorne slipped Angel a piece of paper offhandedly, and their whole approach changed.

Oooh, a private strategy session. )

[[nfb/nfi. top bit is from angel 3x10 "dad," second part by me. idek.]]
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Having escaped the vampires from the hospital (who, for the record, weren't so much an ordinary group of vampires but rather disturbingly cult-like in the way they'd gotten on their knees, groveled to the as-yet-unborn "miracle child" and outlined their plans to protect and nourish the child by feeding it the blood of its mother and all the other humans helping with the delivery, which almost seemed worse than the ordinary vampires who just wanted to kill everyone), the Angel Investigations team and Darla now pulled up to the Hyperion with a screeching halt as Angel ran inside to gather the Nyazian scrolls.

"Five minutes," Angel said as Cordy shifted from the passenger to the driver seat. "If I'm not back by then, leave without me."

Twelve minutes later... )

Their 'safe place' to hide out at was, of course, Caritas. Not like they were getting predictable or anything. )

[[adapted from angel 3x09 "lullaby," and that's it for today! nfb/nfi, and warning for npc death and the birth of a truly annoying npc baby, omfg.]]
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Taking Darla to Caritas was a process that involved multiple escape attempts, a minor attack on Gunn, and, worst of all, the creeping suspicion that Angel would have to sing when they got there. Fortunately, that was not the case, and all that happened once they arrived was that Darla was laid down in Lorne's room to rest while Cordelia stood guard.

This ended in Cordelia getting herself bitten while Darla escaped, leaving only the convenient vision Cordelia got at the moment of the bite as a clue to where she went.

And so it was that two hours later, Angel returned to the hotel, bruised and with a distraught-looking Darla in tow.

Beat up by a pregnant lady. Good job, Angel. )

[[tweaked from 3x07 "offspring." nfb/open for phone calls! last post of the day yaaaay.]]

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A day after Wesley and Gunn had -- successfully, thank you very much -- retrieved the Nyazian scroll from that man's home, the two of them were working on translating the text at the hotel's front desk when loud voices could be heard from downstairs. As far as Wesley knew, Cordelia and Angel were just sparring as usual, though he thought Fred might have gone down to watch this time, but it certainly shouldn't be an activity that required shouting.

He glanced at Gunn. "Nah, this is on you, man," Gunn said at once.

Wesley sighed, and went downstairs to investigate. )


In which there is translation, exposition, and a visitor. )

[[also from 3x07 "offspring." nfb, nfi!]]

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After implicating Billy Blim as responsible for that woman's murder, the next logical step was for Angel to trek out to the Blim estate and stop him from doing it again. Or, well, actually Wesley and Gunn went along as well, but only Angel had been able to hop the fence.

What he ended up stumbling upon was Billy getting arrested -- by two police officers, a man and a woman -- for supposedly phoning in an unexplained tip for another crime, this one a woman's drowning.

Back at the hotel, the team was piecing that together.

"My contact at the city morgue confirms it," Wesley said, hanging up the phone. "Her body was discovered earlier tonight. A young woman was reported missing three days ago. Someone phoned in a tip."

What's that saying about three times making a pattern? Yeah... )

[[nfi/nfb, 3x06 "billy" again, and another mild mention of violence under the cut.]]
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In between projects, the Angel Investigations team tried their best to spend time together outside of the office at least once a month. It was difficult because, well, three out of the five of them lived at the office, and their job did tend to be fairly tiring, especially now that Cordelia had started taking private training lessons from Angel in the hotel basement. But it was something that they made an effort to do, which was why it made sense that when Wesley invited Fred out for dinner on Monday night and was overheard by the rest of the office, the matter inevitably ended up with the five of them piling into Angel's car for dinner at Cordelia's.

Upon arriving, Angel and Gunn had promptly settled on the couch to play a video game, Fred squeezed between them and watching earnestly. Meanwhile, Wesley found himself helping Cordelia prepare some tea in the kitchen.

This wasn't what he had had in mind at all, but he was coping. )

The Powers that Be might have had some unconventional ways of doing things, but Cordelia's visions -- with the small exception of that time Wolfram and Hart had had someone hack into them to broadcast torturous images for her on a constant loop -- had always been reliable in the past. So bright and early the next day, Wesley found himself paying bribes to numerous contacts of his, and eventually enough of them came through for him to put together a little portfolio, which he brought back to the hotel.

''What's this?''

''What's this?'' )

[[nfb/nfi, taken and adapted from angel 3x06 "billy." oh god this episode is so gross, you guys. warning for very mild mentions of sexist violence under the cut.]]
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And so Wesley, Angel and Gunn proceeded to Chinatown to investigate the five herbalist shops Fred had found in the phone book. This wound up taking quite a while, since it was only once they reached the fifth shop that they managed to find and acquire the key (it involved slaying a pair of Cantonese Fook-beasts). Once they finished, they were on their way back to the hotel when they received a somewhat urgent phone call from Fred, letting them know that Cordelia was decidedly not okay and that they were needed at her apartment immediately.

She wasn't wrong. )

Wesley's idea was not only viable, it was rather flawless, if he did say so himself. Sure enough, he called Lorne, and, since in Angel's absence no one had driven a hole through his club or banished him to the hell dimension he regarded as the source of all evil in over three months, he was only too happy to come by and help out Cordelia. Wesley was generous enough to award Fred some of the credit on this, but he thought he himself deserved quite a bit of it as well.

However, Cordelia's aversion to having Lorne in her head presented a slight problem, and they wound up having to wait for Angel to return with the key before they could proceed. In the meantime, Wesley received a somewhat confusing text from Gunn (u happen to know why theres a bunch of unlicensed exterminators in the hotel?), and was just about to follow up on it when Angel arrived.

Well. The text could wait.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: Quality planner. )

[[once again taken and adapted from angel 3x02 "that vision thing"]]
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It was another ordinary Monday night in Los Angeles, this time featuring Chinese take-out in lieu of a recent demon attack. This time, though, everyone wasn't so much bored as on-edge, and it was... possible that that might be showing. Just a bit.

It had been a full week since Cordelia's last vision, you see, so tensions were running... a bit awkward.

Oooh, dinner and a vision )

Proactivity: Always a valued trait in demon detectives. )

[[la la la usual weekly spam. 1/3 for today, and adapted from angel 3x02 "that vision thing."]]
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It was hard to say, Wesley reflected, whether this past summer had been eventful or not. Yes, he, Cordelia and Gunn had been fairly busy most of the time -- killing Nester demons in Hancock Park, making contacts among the demon community, visiting Lorne -- but it seemed to him that "eventful" was a word reserved for a whole different level of busy: a week in a hell dimension, for example, or some sort of long-term Fandom invasion.

His persective might have been somewhat skewed, come to think of it.

But really, with Angel gone -- he'd departed for Sri Lanka nearly three months ago to deal with his grief over Buffy's recent death -- there just wasn't anything too huge going on in the Los Angeles demon world. Or even in Sunnydale, as far as Wesley knew, though that might have to do with Willow and Dawn not taking his calls. No, without Angel around, everything in Wesley's world was just... ordinary. Standard demon hunts, clients, visions, the usual.

Today's bout of perfectly-ordinary demon hunting involved a Mu-rite demon clan, a group of very misguided demon summoners, and a whole lot of demon pus sticking to Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia's clothes as they trudged through the hotel courtyard into the Hyperion. )

[[hey look, the kickoff to a year of spam! oh, season three. you are not nice to this boy at all. taken and adapted a bit from angel 3x01, "heartthrob," which, fun fact, aired eleven years ago today. a pattern that will continue with the rest of the posts for this season, just cuz.]]
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Not long ago, Cordelia had been happy to stay in Pylea for forever, thrilled by her position as the local princess and the many pretty bracelets that her loyal servants (read: very, very powerful local priests of the Covenant of Trombli) kept giving her.

After Wesley, Susan, Loki and Alex had discovered that the Covenant of Trombli appeared to have ties to the evil lawfirm Wolfram & Hart from back home, though? That was another story.

Not that she wanted to leave, or anything. But it appeared that she had been outvoted. )

[[nfb/nfi/ooc cool, preplayed with [livejournal.com profile] abitlowkey, [livejournal.com profile] inaskinnyway, and [livejournal.com profile] thegodofxbox. continued from here, a few lines taken from angel 2x21 "through the looking glass."]]
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Unfortunately, that fight? Hadn't gone so well. Hadn't gone well at all, actually; it had resulted in everyone being tossed in what was either a terribly-maintained basement that so happened to have bars on the door, or, more likely, a dungeon.

However! In what was surely a happy surprise for all, it turned out that the dungeon was not, in fact, meant to be a permanent storage center for the human-shaped prisoners. It might have been a less pleasant surprise, though, that their fate was left in the hands of someone who was purported to have a great deal of influence. Someone savage, someone powerful, someone with a great deal of influence over the way things were done in Pylea. This was the venerable monarch of Pylea, General of the Ravenous Legion, Eater of Their Enemies' Flesh, Prelate of the Sacrificial Blood Rites, and Sovereign Proconsul of Death, and she was prepared to pass sentence on upon them.

Or so the guard said as he announced her, anyway.

Then the doors to the throne room opened and Wesley's jaw dropped as he got a look at the highly bedazzled, bikini-wearing figure on the throne.


There was a pause.

Then Cordelia dismissed the guards. And then she explained.

Spoilers: She didn't really eat any enemies' flesh. )

[[again i say: nfb/nfi, ooc amazing as usual, adapted from angel 2x20 "over the rainbow" and 2x21 "through the looking glass," and preplayed with my favoritest people in the whole world: [livejournal.com profile] abitlowkey, [livejournal.com profile] inaskinnyway, [livejournal.com profile] brat_inslayage, [livejournal.com profile] thegodofxbox and [livejournal.com profile] life_inshadow. continued from here.]]
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So, finding and helping Cordelia? Actually hadn't been that difficult. A small, petty part of Wesley wondered whether Angel's help had been needed at all. Sure, Wesley and Gunn had been snatched up by the Skilosh demons almost immediately after they'd begun sneaking into the house, but they might have fought their way out. Angel, though, had rushed in before they actually could, swinging an sledgehammer around and taking out the Skiloshes while Wesley, Gunn and Cordelia managed to untie themselves. Typical Angel. Charging in and playing the hero in the most dramatic fashion possible.

Most of Wesley knew that that wasn't fair, that Angel had helped them, but at the moment he wasn't feeling mature enough to care.

At the moment -- back at their new offices, where he was seated at the desk on the phone while Gunn patched up a scrape on Cordelia's shoulder -- he was just feeling a little bit tired and annoyed.

Which was why it was exceptionally poor timing that that was when Angel walked in. )

[[nfb/nfi, taken from angel 2x16 "epiphany", and i wish i could say that was the end of me spamming you for a bit, but... uh.]]
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In Wesley's universe, it had now been nearly a month since he'd graduated. In that time, he'd fallen into a sort of routine with Charles and Cordelia, one that continued to surprise him with how comfortable it was.

They worked in an office -- they had an actual office now, believe it or not; it was quite a step up from Cordelia's apartment, with no offense intended to Phantom Dennis, of course -- and took regular trips to the local demon karaoke bar, Caritas. They had amassed a fairly impressive client list for such a new (or recently-reworked, depending upon how you looked at it) business, and were making a decent amount of money. Wesley still couldn't believe that he was in charge of their little operation, being the youngest of the group and neither precognitive nor especially muscular, but there he was. He made good calls reasonably often, he made bad calls slightly less so, but he'd yet to lose the respect of the rest of his team, and all in all he thought he was doing a fairly decent job.

Then there was, of course, the matter of Angel. He and Wesley hadn't spoken since Angel had fired them all. Cordelia had seen him more recently -- the night of Wesley's accident, apparently, Angel had come by the hospital, and Cordelia had shooed him away. That was certainly food for thought, but it wasn't something Wesley felt particularly compelled to dwell upon at this moment.

At this moment? He was removing a demon eye from the back of a little girl's head.

Or he just had, anyway. )

[[NFB, obviously. open for phone calls!]]


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